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 How to battle

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PostSubject: How to battle   Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:29 pm

When battling another character, please do it at the chatbox. The chatbox can be found in Portal. DO IT IN THE MAIN CHAT SO THE CALCULATOR CAN SEE!

Here's how you battle:
Each character takes turns attacking eachother. The person who attacks first in each round is determined by the character's speed. (In the event that both characters have the same speed, flip a coin and call a face. The damage calculator will do this. Please be truthful!) Please have the character's page open to double-check what your opponent tells you. Additionally, one person will be chosen to calculate the damages and dodges, misses, etc. Tell the damage calculator the link to your page so he can use your stats for better damage interpreting. Both players must do this! Please choose me or The Sonio579 for this damage calculation job, if more then 2 battles are going on you will have to wait! If you're still confused, ask me and I will have a practice battle to show you how it goes.

Basically, you have to defeat your opponent first. Play fairly and when your done with the battle, post the results in this forum section (NOT this topic!). Anyone who posts their entire battles in here or has their battles here will be warned, or possibly banned, and have their post removed.
Here's an example round of a battle:

-----Round (Round here)----- (Please have the person who calculates damage and stuff say this after round is done)
NateStar uses Sinbin on Dexku! (NateStar has higher speed, so he attacks first)
Dexku was rendered powerless for 3 turns!
Dexku is powerless and can't attack! (Normally, Dexku would attack but can't because of Sinbin)
-----Round (Round after last round)-----
NateStar uses Boot!
Dexku takes 43 damage from Boot! (Again, please have the damage calculator do this at random and BE FAIR!)
Dexku used The Garfield: Default mode! (Let's pretend Dexku isn't powerless anymore)
NateStar dodges the attack! (Damage calculator, do this at random and fairly as always)

Again, if you're still confused, please consult me for a practice battle.

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How to battle
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