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PostSubject: GAWD   GAWD EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 7:09 pm

Name: GAWD
Level: 1
EXP: 100
Moves: Lightning bolt, Shining ball, Rings of Healing, Cloud Buffet, Cloud Spin
Special Move: Resurrect
Attack Descriptions: Lightning bolt - GAWD throws a lightning bolt at specified target, dealing 50-100 damage; Shining ball - GAWD creates and fires a shining ball of light. It damages all foes for 45 damage. Deals double damage against Dark-ish enemies; Rings of Healing - GAWD is healed by half the damage he took for the last turn at the start of each turn for 3 rounds; Cloud Buffet - GAWD throws a big, fluffly cloud at all foes, making it impossible for them to see (Reduces accuracy greatly). Lasts for 3 turns; Cloud Spin - Only use when the foe is still under the effect of Cloud Buffet. The foe is dealt 50-200 damage; Resurrect - When GAWD faints, roll a dice. If the number rolled is 4, heal GAWD to 1/4 max HP. If the number rolled is 5, heal GAWD to 1/2 max HP. If the number rolled is 6, heal GAWD to full HP. Any other number rolled, this does nothing.
HP: 700
Attack: 31
Defense: 74
Speed: 55
Description: He's GAWD. You CAN'T WIN!
Fuses with: SAYTEN

Obama wrote:
You are a brawl GOD,

You heard it from Obama.

Mario: "Well, how bad is it doc? Am I gonna live?"
Dr. Mario: "You fell 100 ft. from an airplane onto solid ground with no parachute."
Mario: "Yeah I get that but am I going to be OK?"
Dr. Mario: "I have no idea, however I will inform you that I farted."
Mario: "What kind of a doctor are you?"
Dr. Mario: "An honest one."
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