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 Fusion Character: Ultimate Garfield Annoyance

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PostSubject: Fusion Character: Ultimate Garfield Annoyance   Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:57 pm

Name: The Garfieldinator
Level: 2
EXP: 300
Attacks: The Garfieldinator: Flamethrower Mode, The Garfieldinator: Minigun Mode, The Garfieldinator: Rocket Launcher Mode, The Garfieldinator: Laser Rifle Mode, The Garfieldinator: Tazer Mode, The Garfieldinator: Tesla Rifle Mode
Special Attack: The Garfieldinator: Nuke Mode
Attack Descriptions: The Garfieldinator: Flamethrower Mode - Fires a flamethrower, melting armor and dealing 25 hits of 5-7 damage. Deals triple damage to "Dexku: The Garfield User". Hits all enemies. 1 turn cooldown; The Garfieldinator: Minigun Mode - Fires off 75 rounds, each doing 1-3 damage. Pierces armor. Deals triple damage to "Dexku: The Garfield User". No cooldown; The Garfieldinator: Rocket Launcher Mode - Fires 1 rocket which cannot be blocked except by very powerful blast shields, but can be dodged or miss. Deals 50-200 damage. Deals triple damage to "Dexku: The Garfield User". Deals splash damage. 3 turn cooldown; The Garfieldinator: Laser Rifle Mode - Fires 3 lasers, each doing 25-100 damage. Can only be rarely blocked. Rarely misses, but can be dodged. Deals triple damage to "Dexku: The Garfield User". 3 turn cooldown; The Garfieldinator: Tazer Mode - Launches a tazer attatched to a rope. Very easy to dodge, miss, or even grab and throw back, but deals 30 hits which add up to 100-250 damage total. Cannot be blocked. Deals triple damage to "Dexku: The Garfield User". 4 turn cooldown; The Garfieldinator: Tesla Rifle mode - Launches The Garfieldinator's all-powerful Tesla cannon, dealing 10 shots of 1-100 damage. Deals triple damage to "Dexku: The Garfield User". 5 turn cooldown. The Garfieldinator: Nuke Mode - Fires a nuke, which deals 100 damage to the user and 300 damage to all enemies. Cannot be dodged, blocked, or miss. Damage is unaffected by shields or bonuses. Deals triple damage to "Dexku: The Garfield User". One use only.
HP: 1200 (+103)
Attack: 139
Defense: 147
Speed: 42
Characters needed to fuse: "Ukxed: The Nermile User" + "Baron: The Odie User" + "Rats Etan"
Description: The ultimate Garfield annoyance - And killer.
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Fusion Character: Ultimate Garfield Annoyance
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