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 Bubbleslicer V2

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PostSubject: Bubbleslicer V2   Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:11 pm

Name: Bubbleslicer V2
Level: 1
EXP: 500
Attacks: Dual Large Shell Machine Gun (x1), Basic Cannon (x4), Mega Cannon (x4), Area Burst Cannon (x1), Drone Converter (x1)
Special Attack: Massive Cannon (x2)
Attack Descriptions: Dual Large Shell Machine Gun (x1) - Fires the Dual Large Shell Machine Gun. Deals 2-10 hits, each dealing 3-15 damage. Has default pressure against armor. Can be blocked sometimes. Can rarely be dodges, and misses moderately. 3 turns of cooldown; Basic Cannon (x4) - Fires the four Basic Cannons attatched to Bubbleslicer. Deals up to four hits of 10-20 damage. Pierces armor easily. Can easily be blocked, but is hard to dodge. May miss. No cooldown - Mega Cannon (x4) - Fires the four Mega Cannons on Bubbleslicer's body. Deals up to four hits of 40-80 damage. Has low pressure against armor. May sometimes be blocked, but rarely misses or is dodged. 7 turn cooldown; Area Burst Cannon (x1) - Fires the Area Burst Cannon. Deals 50-150 damage on impact plus 30-75 points of splash damage to the other opponent. Decimates armor. Cannot be blocked or dodged, but on rare occasions misses. 5 turns of cooldown; Drone Converter (x1) - Initiates the Drone Converter. This can be used immediately after an opponent uses a ranged attack on you (During their turn!) and turns the attack back on them! Deals up to ? hits of ?-??? damage. Pierces armor ??????. Never misses, is dodged, or is blocked. However, the projectiles fired back at an opponent may be blocked, dodged, or missed according to their own stats. 4 turns of cooldown; Massive Cannon (x2) - Fires the two Massive Cannons attatched to Bubbleslicer. Deals up to 2 hits of 100-200 damage. Has very low pressure against armor. Cannot be blocked, and is rarely dodged or misses.
HP: 500
Attack: 34
Defense: 61
Speed: 10
Fuses with: Starbase and Bubbleslicer
Description: One of my tanks on Bubble Tanks Arenas.
Origin: BTA
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Bubbleslicer V2
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