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 Fusion Character: Ultimate Starbase

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PostSubject: Fusion Character: Ultimate Starbase   Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:00 pm

A note about Ultimate Starbase:
EXTREMELY overpowered. Extra HP, stats, moves, damage. Everything. To only be used to very desperate situations. Infact, I'm considering it being a "Just for Show" character. EDIT: This used to be true until I made him a 3-character fusion.

Name: Ultimate Starbase
Level: 1
EXP: 200
Attacks: Dual Large Shell Machine Gun (x3), 5 Spread (x2), Auto Cannon (x6), Mega Cannon (x2), Area Burst Cannon (x2), Star Burst (x2), Drone Converter (x1), Massive Cannon (x2)
Special Attack: Dual Massive Shell Machine Gun (x1)
Attack Descriptions: Dual Large Shell Machine Gun (x3) - Fires the Dual Large Shell Machine Guns attatched to Ultimate Starbase. Deals 6-30 shots of 1-10 damage. Pressure to armor is somewhat high. Sometimes is blocked, but hard to dodge or miss. 4 turn cooldown; 5 Spread (x2) - Fires the 5 Spreads attatched to Ultimate Starbase. Deals up to 10 shots of 2-15 damage. No cooldown. Pressure to armor is good. Easy to block, but nigh impossible to dodge or miss. Rarely do all 10 shots connects. No cooldown; Auto Cannon (x6) Every turn, the 6 auto cannons attatched to Ultimate Starbase automatically fire, dealing up to 6 shots of 1-5 damage. Does not use up a turn, and is used automatically at the start of Ultimate Starbase's turn. Pressure to armor is high. Easy to block, somewhat easy to dodge, but never misses; Mega Cannon (x2) Fires the Mega Cannons attatched to Ultimate Starbase's body. Deals up to 2 shots each dealing 40-80 damage. Pressure to armor is medium. Hard to block, but fairly easy to dodge and sometimes misses. 3 turns cooldown; Area Burst Cannon (x2) - Fires the Area Burst Cannons attatched to Ultimate Starbase's body. Deals up to 2 shots of 50-100 damage to the main target, and 25-50 points of splash damage to the other opponent. Decimates armor. Impossible to block, dodge, or miss; Star Burst (x2) - Fires the Star Bursts attatched to Ultimate Starbase's body. Fires two shots which explode into 25 small shots (each).
Roll a dice. If 3 or below, the big shots connect dealing 25-100 damage. If 4 or above, the big shots explode dealing up to 50 shots of 1-4 damage each. Pressure to armor is high for both big and little shots. Somewhat easy to block, dodge, and miss if big shots connect but pretty much impossible to block, dodge, or miss every single little shot. Also pretty hard for every shot to hit, though. 7 turns cooldown; Drone Converter (x1) - Use immediately after your enemy uses a ranged attack on you (During their turn!) Fires an electrical pulse which turns your foe's projectile(s) against them, dealing equal damage! Damage, chance to block, miss, dodge, and every other aspect is exactly the same as the shot(s) fired. 4 turns cooldown; Massive Cannon (x2) - Fires the Massive Cannons attatched to Ultimate Starbase's body. Deals up to 2 shots of 50-150 damage. 8 turns cooldown; Dual Massive Shell Machine Gun (x1) - Fires the Dual Massive Shell Machine Gun! Deals 2-10 shots of 25-75 damage each! 15 turns cooldown.
HP: 1500
Attack: 68
Defense: 120
Speed: 0
Characters needed to fuse: Bubbleslicer + Starbase + Bubbleslicer V2
Description: One of my characters on Bubble Tanks Arenas.
Origin: BTA


The bubbles in the above pic are supposed to be animated, so if it looks crappy, oh well.

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You heard it from Obama.

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Fusion Character: Ultimate Starbase
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