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PostSubject: Berserker   Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:09 pm

Name: Berserker
Level: 1
EXP: 0
Attacks: Trinity, Arrow Barrage, Execute, Axe Fury, Jumping Jackrabbit
Special Attack: Ancestry's Wrath
Attack Descriptions: Arrow Barrage - Berserker shoots a fire arrow, ice arrow, electric arrow, and shadow arrow at all enemies! Each arrow causes 10-40 damage and can cause any combination of the 4 statuses related to their elements. On rare occasions, all 4 may be inflicted! Pierces armor well, and metal armor is obliterated! Cannot be blocked, and arrows that are grabbed will cause their respective status effects. Can be dodged or miss. 3 turn cooldown; Trinity - Berserker unleashes 3 balls of energy, each infused with one element: Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Each ball deals 25-50 damage and can cause any of combination of their attribute-related status effects! May even cause all 3! Cannot be blocked, dodged, or miss. Doesn't pressure armor too well, but gains a DAMAGE BOOST against metal armor! 4 turn cooldown; Execute - Roll a dice. If 6, kill an enemy of your choice. Anything else, this does nothing; Axe Fury - Deals up to 7 hits of 10-15 damage. Pierces armor well. Can be blocked, dodged, or miss. No cooldown; Jumping Jackrabbit - Berserker leaps up high, and comes down on his enemy (With his axe, of course!) with a thump! Deals 100-200 damage if it hits. Obliterates armor! Cannot be blocked, but is easilly dodged or misses. 5 turn cooldown; Ancestry's Wrath - Berserker uses Arrow Barrage, Trinity, and Execute all at once! Each does everything the normal attack would.
HP: 1550
Attack: 207
Defense: 71
Speed: 120
Characters needed to fuse: Merlin + Rats Etan + Archer Dude
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