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 Class Paintball General Disscussion Thread

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PostSubject: Class Paintball General Disscussion Thread   Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:42 am

Class Paintball is a rip-off similar game to Kieski CTF, a game where you got diffrent weapons and such with differing classes. Now, Sonio slightly re-creates it via Paintball weapons.

The classes are as follows:

The default class is obtained by where none of the other class T-Shirts. Get's all the weapons each class normally gets.

Fires fast, but low damage. Goes in an arc depending on wind.

Get's a reeeeeeally fast bullet, but takes 4 seconds to reload. Strong weapon is strong

The current maps are as follows:

A peaceful park is ruined by your paintball match. It's fun to explore this small map, there's a river w/ bridge, a giant hill, and two sniper towers, plus moar.

Planned classes:

Gets a cloak tool and high walkspeed

Gets three mines to plant per spawn.

Gets high walkspeed and a binoculary

Gets an RPG

moar to come

Planned stages:

Possibly an epic stage. It'll be dark, but a large map. There will be lights to make it easier to see. Paintball for your life.

-Ice Peaks
Sliiiiiiperieeee. There's many edges here, and a lack of friction! A small map, so there won't be much to trend on!

-The Heights
Paintball Wars on The Heights? Who would've known! With very high wind, you'll heave a hard time moving around! Or use it to your advantage, which ever way it comes to use.


Planned Unlockables / Buyables:

-BONK! Energy drink
Completely protects you (unless you fall off thou edge) from EVERYTHING for a few seconds, although has quite the reload.

-Extra Mine
Get a demolation mine on spawn, weither or not you're actually demolation.

If you have a suggestion, post it in the suggestions sub-forum.


My wii still isn't working, I can't brawl anyone for now.

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Class Paintball General Disscussion Thread
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