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 Chase Young

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PostSubject: Chase Young   Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:01 pm

Name: Chase Young
Level: 1
EXP: 0
Attacks: Emperor Scorpion, Monkey Strike, Third Arm Sash, Lock-on, Chain Jump, Sun-chi Lantern
Special Attack: Kuzuzu Atom
Attack Descriptions: Emperor Scorpion - Cancels ALL effects on ALL characters. Required Chi: 4; Monkey Strike - The name has NOTHING to do with the attack. Can deal up to 4 hits. The first two can deal 10-30 damage, the third can deal 50-70 damage, and the last can deal 20-30 damage. Rarely do all 3 hit. Requires 1 turn to charge up and 5 turns to cooldown; Third Arm Sash - I bet even you can guess this one. A spinning arm surrounds Chase in a whirlpool-style spin. Protects chase from attacks and deals 50 damage to anyone who attacks him for the next 1-2 turns. Additionally, if Chase unleashes a Melee attack, 25 damage is added to its total. Required Chi: 6; Lock-on - DERP. Locks onto a target making all attacks hit, unless if the target is blocking or using an evasiveness move. Lasts 3 turns, and is required to unleash Chain Jump; Chain Jump - Chase jumps up and attacks. Lock-on's effect must be in play. Cannot miss unless if the target is blocking or using an evasiveness move. Each chain jump attack can deal 20-40 damage, and this is how it works: Chase Young can unleash up to 6 chain jump attacks. Level 1 is 2 attacks, 2 is 3, 3 is 4, 4 is 5, and 5 is 6. Chase young attacks each enemy with these IN ORDER until the jump attacks run out. So if there's only 1 enemy and Chase is level 5, they're in for mounds of pain Smile 6 turns cooldown; Sun-chi Lantern - Chase gains 1 chi per turn for 3 turns for each player, both teams, except for Chase Young; Kuzuzu Atom - Deals 200 damage to all players except Chase Young, no holds barred. Required Chi: 15
HP: 500
Attack: 47
Defense: 31
Speed: 72

Notes: Some of Chase Young's attacks require Chi. He gains 1 Chi per turn, but he can gain more by dealing damage. How much extra Chi he gains per turn depends on damage inflicted. He can hold a maximum of 15 Chi. The Sun-Chi lantern, of course, gets Chi for Chase. READ ITS DESCRIPTION!
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Chase Young
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