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PostSubject: Here it is   Here it is EmptyMon Nov 23, 2009 2:25 pm

The Stadium – Part One

It was a sunny day in the Stadium. Two rivals, Sonic and Mario, were pending to fight. The crowd cheered wildly as the two stepped from rising platforms onto the stage. The two shook hands then rose into fighting stances. The fight was beginning.
Mario charged at Sonic, but Sonic was too fast. He sidestepped out of the way and dash attacked Mario. Mario turned around, surprised, but it was too late. -CRASH- Mario is sent rolling onto his back, and Sonic doesn’t hold back. Sonic used GRAB, DOWN on Mario while he was down, and Mario flies off the stage.
The crowd cheered for Sonic. Sonic put his hands up and made a thumbs-up, but then, suddenly, the sky grew a dark-red color, and a character trophy fell from the sky. It had a pretty red bow in the hair, a pink purse, and was standing prettily. Suddenly, it glowed and the character on it came alive!
Hello Kitty stepped off of the statue. It made a pretty pose before Sonic. Sonic stepped up to Hello Kitty and poked her. Hello Kitty smacked Sonic with her purse and left a red mark. Sonic turned back into statue form, and the crowd gasped. Suddenly, Hello Kitty started twirling around with some sort of whip which grew, turning everyone in the crowd to statues.

Skyworld – Part Two

Up above, watching all the action stood GAWD. Looking through his magic glass ball, GAWD became angered and climbed down to earth. However, the stairs to earth were long and meritorious. They were known for being extremely steep as well.
On the way down, though, GAWD encountered some… problems. Hello Kitty’s ship flew above the Skyworld, and the sky not only had the darkish-red coloring, there were Hello Kitty’s minions as far as the eye could see – cats. CATS! GAWD threw a lightning bolt at a cat, and it turned black and shattered into pieces. 1 down, like 1,000 to go.
GAWD stepped down the staircase to the long trip down the clouds. He was attacked by several cats, but GAWD whirled around in a flare of light and they all shattered. GAWD created a ball of light and shot it at a group of oncoming cats, but when they were destroyed, they multiplied! GAWD shot several more balls of light, and the same thing happened. Then god noticed a portal. He smashed it with brute strength, and the multiplying cats vanished. He was surprised by behind from a large cat who held him down, and some cats holding guns began to charge up shots to fire at GAWD. GAWD was in trouble!
Suddenly, GAWD exploding in a flare of holy energy. The large cat flew off of him and the gun cats were knocked down. One by one, they were eliminated by GAWD’s thunder bolts. GAWD stepped down the stairs to earth, satisfied with his 1337 skills.

Hollow Bastion – Part Three

Meanwhile, Sora was fighting of hordes of Heartless. That witch/dragon thing, whatever you call her, was also sending barrages of attacks at Sora. Sora jumped heroically and slashed her with the Oblivion, and she collapsed in dark flames. Meanwhile, Daffy and Goofy were fending off some shield Heartless, when Sora stepped in and defeated them. “Good job guys,” Sora said.
Sora walked out onto the roof of Hollow Bastion. Suddenly, the sky turned darkish-red, as it had before. Out of nowhere, Hello Kitty appeared from the ship that hovered over the house. Sora charged Hello Kitty, who disappeared and re-appeared behind Sora Dragonball Z-style. Using her purse, she attempted to smash Sora into a trophy, but Sora used the Dodge ability and appeared behind Hello Kitty. Sora used Ragnarok on Hello Kitty, and she let out an angry kitten roar.
Hello kitty takes out her wand and casts Explosion on Sora. Sora, who is unprepared, is hit. While Sora tries to cast curaga, Hello Kitty smashes Sora with her handbag and Sora is turned into a trophy. Falling onto his side, his trophy rolls off of the roof of Hollow Bastion, and when he hits the ground his trophy shatters. Hello Kitty uses the tractor beam on her ship to float back inside.
The Reunion – Part 4

Mario woke up after several hours. He awoke in a daze, and met face-to-face with GAWD. GAWD had awoken Sonic from trophy form, and he was also there. They were all familiar with the current situation.
They agreed on one thing at least - Hello Kitty had to be stopped. GAWD teleported them all onto Hello Kitty’s ship. This is the start of Hello Kitty’s elimination.

Hello Kitty’s Ship – Part 5

They appeared on Hello Kitty’s ship’s deck, and they caught ALL of the deck’s cat guard’s attention. They charged the trio with spears, bare fists, and guns. Mario threw a couple of fireballs, knocking out one cat. GAWD threw a lightning bolt, and several cats in a line were speared and shattered into pieces. Sonic used a dash attack, sending the remaining cat guards flying. They entered the inner part of the ship.
When they got in, they were surprised by several security cameras and mechanical gun turrets. The turrets locked onto Mario and pierced him with bullets, and Mario was turned into a statue. GAWD looked up. He used his psychic powers to destroy the gun turrets, but the alarm had already arisen from the security cams. GAWD threw a bolt at them, but it was too late. A massive horde of all kinds of cats appeared from the blocked door in front, which had risen. Several fist and sword cats charged GAWD and Sonic, who dodged them. They skidded to a stop and turned around. Soon, GAWD and Sonic were surrounded by hundreds of cats. GAWD and Sonic charged on, but they came to a dead end.
Then, Sonic pointed up. A passageway above them! But they had to move fast. The horde of cats was closing in on them. Sonic and GAWD jumped off the walls to move up the passage, but GAWD left them a little…present. When the cats closed in, BOOOOOOOM! Hundreds of thousands of cat shards flew everywhere. Sonic and GAWD eventually reached the top of the tunnel, which led to the control room. Oh no! GAWD had forgotten Mario’s statue. GAWD looked down to see a dark Mario-ish figure. The cat shards has surrounded Mario’s statue and made a dark copy of him!
The dark Mario had no trouble climbing up the passageway, and appeared at the top. GAWD and Sonic stepped back. The duo and dark Mario stared at each other for what seemed like hours. Finally, Sonic was the first one who took action. Sonic dash attacked the dark Mario, who side-stepped and smash attacked sonic. Sonic flied to the wall, where he turned into a statue. “Oh Shit,” GAWD said. The dark Mario suddenly opened in a black hole of transforming black liquid. Sonic’s statue was sucked in, and then spewed back out. A dark sonic copy was created. GAWD held on to the window, and a hole in the window had appeared. GAWD frantically tried to get up to it. “So…close…” GAWD said. GAWD finally was sucked in, and his statue was spewed out as well. Now, a dark copy of all three of the trio was created, and their statues were stuck on the ship. Uh-oh.

Tall Grass – Part 6

Meanwhile, a young Poke`mon trainer was heading through the tall grass, when suddenly a battle started. However, this Poke`mon was unlike anyone he had ever seen. It was one of Hello Kitty’s cat minions! The trainer threw out Swampert, but the cat got to go first.
The cat used the “move” “gun”, and blasted Swampert clean out of HP. Next the trainer threw out Pikachu, who used quick attack and automatically went first. The cat died and shattered into hundreds of black shards. Confused, the trainer moved onwards.

The final battle (Sonio579's part in this) - Part 7 / Final

The world was dark with the red stained skies as everyone was gloomy. Nobody was left that had to courage to fight Hello Kitty, or was there?
Anyways, in Hello Kitty's dark, dark, world, Hello Kitty herself sat at the blood red throne. The world was doomed. Plans for her had succeded, and in the blink of the eye, so could blow up Earth. Everyone left was ready to suffer, but, as Hello Kitty pushed the red button, a red ball come speeding by and hit Hello Kitty's thumb. Hello Kitty was angered, and soon tried to counter with a sharp claw, but the red ball was too fast, and quickly dodged. The ball landed on the dark ground, and a red hedgehog emerged from the ball. (NEWCOMER: Sonio the Hedgehog) He was Sonio, but everyone watching had no hopes for him. He was poor in fighting of any type. Hello Kitty tried to headbutt Sonio, but Sonio thank fast and side-stepped, and threw a powerful punch into Hello Kitty's hip. Hello Kitty let out a big screech, and hurled at Sonio too quicky for Sonio to escape it. With Sonio stunned, Hello Kitty clawed at Sonio multiple times. Sonio was rather injured now, but he didn't give up. Sonio turned into ball-form and rammed into Hello Kitty. Hello kitty was gashing with blood now, and Hello Kitty's face just kept getting reder and angrier. Sonio cried to Hello Kitty, "You can't catch what you can't see!" He quickly kept runnig round and around Hello Kitty, forming a mini-tornado. HK Was lifted into the air, and Sonio jumped high. Sonio kicked and punched. All of the sudden Sonio raised his hand into the air, and a sword-shaped flame appeared into his hands. Both Sonio and HK were stunned by this, but Sonio quickly recovered from shock and quickly jabbed the sword into Hello Kitty's throat. A big whirwind appeared around where HK used to be, and diseppered into the abyss. Everyone roared with applaudence. Sonio had saved the world! The evil forces of HK had been stopped, but his spirit still lived..



Thats all for now, more coming possibly soon.
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This. Is. Epic. Win. Razz
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