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 My name is Kelsy! Nice to meet you all!

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PostSubject: My name is Kelsy! Nice to meet you all!   Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:19 pm

[b][i]Heyy Nice to meet you guys ^^ My name's Kelsy but call me Kels for short. I'm known as Super Girl on brawl. I was given the name by Youtube about a year ago. I love to shop, chill with friends, I play Guitar and Trumbone, My fav sports are vollyball, basketball and tennis. ^^ I am 14 years old and my B-Day is May 20. Victoria day! lol Very Happy I'm a really hyper and bubbly girl and I love to learn and make new friends I hope I get along with you guys nice meeting you heres some info.

I have a clan myself! About .. 6 other Clubs. The site isn't as cool but there's a lot of cool guys there ^^ Visit

I have MSN!

Youtube! XD ^^

Games I got that includes wifi connection:
Super smash bros brawl
Mario Kart Wii
Animal Crossing City Folk
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Sonic and The Black Knight
Mario Kart DS
Animal Crossing Wild World
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (DS)
Pokemon Platinum
Sonic Rush Adventure

I am a HUGE Sonic Fan. I know i'm a girl and it sounds weird but I'v been playing him since the age of 4. I started with Sonic 2 and joined gaming then ^^.

I have a broadcast! lol It's not too popular but it's great to experience it. Here's the first episode! If your wonderring who I am, I'm the girl in the blue with belt and black tights. I only come at 1 minute. and the camera makes my voice sound like a duck..

Hope you got to know me! Add me on brawl!! Very Happy
Super Girl
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The Sonio579
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Champion Poster
The Sonio579

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PostSubject: Re: My name is Kelsy! Nice to meet you all!   Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:21 pm

Ello, Kels, my name is Sonio579. Refer to me as Sonio, that's what everyone calls me Wink I lead the clan and the clan has gone through many things. I'm hopping for our clan to be one of the best. Right now we basicly have no allies, as MS died.

The forums is umm.. well, the forums O_e

There's the portal, everyone hangs out there.

F.A.Q for answers to questions no one needs an answer for anymore.

Groups are where we are grouped.

Search.. you figure out wat it is

Profile you can edit and see your SB profile page

EDIT: And BTW, Sonic Dojo (SD) is our main enemy. Avoid this clan as much as possible plz.
Members, look at members O_e

Log out to log out

Store isn't ready yet, so no explanation here

And messages, this is your inbox, liek e-mail.
-So yesh, that's all. When the store is up, I'll tell you wat brawler points are.


EDIT: And BTW, our main enemy is Sonic Dojo (SD), avoid this clan as much as possible plz.
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My name is Kelsy! Nice to meet you all!
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