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 Chapter I : Introduction

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PostSubject: Chapter I : Introduction   Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:23 pm

One day, Sonio The Hedgehog was walking down a sidewalk of a street, when someone spotted him. Sonio quickly jumped from one wall to another when he eventually came to the top of a business building. You see, Sonio was known very well for his temper. He was easily angered, so everyone avoided him as much as they possibly could. Sonio was always depressed by this. Tomorrow (in-story) he planned to leave the city and venture out to the open world. By the way, Sonio could control fire. He was strong with fire, but HORRIBLE with water, obviously. This is what he was scared of, slightly discouraging him from taking his voyage to explore new land(to him). But he vowed to go. And so he would.


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Chapter I : Introduction
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