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 Chapter II: Sonio's Adventure Begins

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PostSubject: Chapter II: Sonio's Adventure Begins   Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:45 am

Today was the day.

Sonio headed through a sewer passage he knew that leads out of town. Since anyone rarely goes in the sewer, he knew this would be the easiest way out of town without getting spotted. So with this, our story goes to the sewer…

Sonio didn’t realize the path was so complicated. He thought he had the path down, but the sewer was acting like a maze. Sonio took a right, a left, went straight, left, left, right, whatever! He later then saw a ray of light, This must’ve been the way out. He stepped forward, and he fell into a hole.

Hours later, Sonio found himself waking conscious from his fall, that must’ve been a long way down. He found himself surrounded by hot fire. It was extremely hot as it looked, but it was nothing to Sonio. Sonio wondered, “Could this be the effects of my elemental control?” Apparently it was.
Quote :
AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you forgot or didn’t read Chapter I, it said he can control fire.
There was a small ring of flames around him, and it quickly whisked him up. To the skies! He flips over in mid-air and gets face-planted into the ground when he lands. After getting his head unstuck from the ground, Sonio wondered where the heck he was.


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Chapter II: Sonio's Adventure Begins
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