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 Chuck Norris

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PostSubject: Chuck Norris   Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:59 am

Name: Chuck Norris
Level: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
EXP: 0
Attacks: Punch, Kick, Fear, Laser vision, Energy drink, ADMIN ABOOS
Special Attack: Roundhouse kick
Attack Descriptions: Punch - Chuck Norris punches the enemy. Cannot be blocked or dodged. Deals 5000-20000 damage. No cooldown. Kick - Chuck Norris kicks the enemy. Deals 7000-25000 damage. Cannot be blocked, but can be sometimes dodged. No cooldown. Laser vision - Chuck Norris shoots searing hot beams of pure energy out of his pupils! Deals 10 hits of 901-9001 damage. Each hit can be dodged, and blocked if the enemy has heat-resistant armor.. 3-turn cooldown. Energy drink - Chuck norris drinks an energy drink, not that he needs it! Gives him another turn immediately after drinking, and he will go first for the next 5 turns. 6-turn cooldown. ADMIN ABOOS - Chuck Norris picks a random command out of his ROBLOX commands! Possible commands are: rocket/ (Attaches a rocket to the enemy, making their attacks wildly innacurate), freeze/ (Causes the enemy to not be able to attack for 2 turns), walkspeed/ (Makes Chuck Norris faster, or the enemy slower. Your choice), explode/ (Makes the enemy explode! 10000-50000 damage.), control/ (Chuck Norris controls the enemy's next move), or sparkles/ (Does nothing, but makes Chuck look cooler then he already does!). 5-turn cooldown. Roundhouse kick - Always deals 150000 damage. Cannot be blocked or dodged. 10-turn cooldown.
HP: 1000000
Attack: Infinity
Defense: 3507453
Speed: 143750
Description: A man with a nice beard and a good computer, which he used to get 100,000 F@H points and a cowboy hat.
Origin: Another dimension
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Chuck Norris
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