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PostSubject: Starbase   Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:32 pm

Name: Starbase
Level: 1
EXP: 0
Attacks: 5 Spread (x3), Mega Cannon (x3), Heavy Cannon (x5), Shield (x1), Star Burst (x2)
Special Attack: Sticky Burst (x1)
Attack Descriptions: 5 Spread (x3) - Fires the three 5 Spreads attatched to Starbase's body. Deals up to 15 hits of 2-5 damage. Can be blocked fairly easily, but is impossible to dodge all the shots and nearly impossible for all the shots to miss. Pressures armor a lot. Rarely do all 15 shots connect. No cooldown; Mega Cannon (x3) - Fires the three Mega Cannons attatched to Starbase's body. Deals up to 3 hits of 30-75 damage. Pressure to armor is fairly low. Can be rarely blocked, but dodge/miss rate is average. 5 turns cooldown; Heavy Cannon (x5) - Fires the Heavy Cannons attatched to Starbase's body. A step-down from the Mega Cannon. Deals up to 5 hits of 10-15 damage. Block, dodge, and miss rate is average. Pressure to armor is about average. 3 turns cooldown; Shield (x1) - Blocks all damage for the next round. 4 turns cooldown; Star Burst (x2) - Fires the Star Burst cannons attatched to Starbase's body. Fires two rounds which explode (each) into 25 little shots after. Roll a dice. If three or below, the bigger rounds connect dealing 25-100 damage. If 4 or above, the round explodes dealing up to 50 shots of 1-5 damage. 7 turns cooldown; Sticky Burst (x1) - Fires the Sticky Burst. Lowers ALL enemy's speed to 1 and almost completely removes ALL enemy's chance to dodge/block and moves used on them missing. Additionally almost completely removes ALL enemy's chance to hit. Lasts for 3 turns. One use only.
HP: 700
Attack: 30
Defense: 62
Speed: 5
Fuses with: Bubbleslicer and Bubbleslicer V2
Description: One of my tanks on Bubble Tanks Arenas.
Origin: BTA
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